Prefects at Diss High School are expected...

  • to maintain a high standard of behaviour and conduct around the school
  • to be a role model in lessons
  • to maintain a good standard of behaviour and to complete all work and homework to the best of their ability
  • to abide by the school rules on uniform, jewellery and make up
  • to help members of the teaching staff perform their daily duties, arriving on time to carry out set responsibilities
  • to take an active part in school affairs and set a good example to others
  • to take an active part in school functions, helping and organising whenever asked
  • to help  new year 7 students during their first year, especially during their introduction to the school
  • to assist visitors to the school at all times by being polite, friendly and courteous


Head students;  Peter and Issy  

Head Boy and Girl
We are proud to represent the school as Head Students and would like to tell you more about the highlights of our Diss High School experience. Both of us have benefited from several educational opportunities, such as trips to Warner Bros. Studios, several theatres, BBC Young Reporters and a variety of lunchtime clubs: Netball Club, Football Club, Table Tennis Club, and Volleyball Club (just to name a few of the activities DHS offers!)  
Here at Diss High School, we take immense pride in being able to say that we are a part of the Prefect Team. Our incredible Prefect Team consists of: Head Pupils, Deputy Head Pupils, Senior Prefects and Prefects. The Prefect Team take part in managing school events and looking after fellow students, to ensure every student has a great time at Diss High. We also have a dedicated Mentor Team who assist the Year 7 students in their transition to Diss High – we understand that this transition can be intimidating for some Year 7 students. 
This year, there are 2 new additions to our Prefect: our Head of Committees and our Subject Captains.  
The task of the Heads of Committees is to supervise their respective Committee. There are several Committees here at Diss High: Environment Committee, Charity Committee, Wellbeing Committee, Diversity Committee, and Community Committee. Each Committee has its own unique set of activities. For example, the Environment Committee looks after the allotments and green areas; the Charity Committee organises, oversees, and runs fundraisers and charity events, and the Wellbeing Committee holds support groups and provides resources to students. All students at Diss High are welcome to join any committee they’d like to. To express an interest in joining, simply talk to the Head of your desired Committee! 
Our Subject Captains have the task of supporting their respective subject’s activities throughout the year. This includes lunch clubs, open evenings, revision sessions and more! 
During our time at Diss High School, both of us have found Teachers at Diss High to be very encouraging and approachable which has really helped us develop, grow, and learn.  
If you do see either of us around school, don't be afraid to come up and say hello! 


prefect roles;

Senior Prefects and Mentors manage their respective teams as well as helping manage whole school events. 

Our Heads of Committees are new this year, and they run and help manage their committee. These are the pupils that other pupils should go to if they want to be part of these committees.  

Environment Committee: study garden, allotment, green areas and raising awareness. 

Charity Committee: overseeing charity events in the lower school, organising charity events and fundraisers. 

Wellbeing Committee: support groups, raising awareness, providing materials and support techniques. 

Diversity Committee: support groups ( such as the LGBTQ+), raising awareness and providing resources to tutor teams. 

Community Committee: support the school grounds and surrounding areas (litter picks), building community relations (primary schools, care homes etc.)  Our Subject Captains are also new this year and they are ambassadors for their subject. They support subject specific activities throughout the year, support lunch clubs, open evening and with revision and catch-up sessions.