Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Dr Hunt Headteacher
Miss Pittman Deputy Headteacher
Miss Johnson Assistant Headteacher
Mr Somers Assistant Headteacher
Mr Adamson Assistant Headteacher
Mr Lea Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Hawkes School Business Manager


Miss Johnson Director of English/Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Bond Deputy Director of English
Mr Grainger Classroom Teacher
Mr Gull Classroom Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs Henderson Classroom Teacher
Miss Jarocki (mat leave) Classroom Teacher/ Head of Year 7
Mrs Offord Classroom Teacher
Miss Read Classroom Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 10/School Council Co-ordinator
Miss Sherman Classroom Teacher


Mr Storey Director of Maths
Mr Adamson Classroom Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Mr Archer Classroom Teacher
Miss Breeze (mat leave) Classroom Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr Dugdale Deputy Director of Maths
Mr Hlabangana Classroom Teacher
Ms Mann Classroom Teacher
Ms Meyer Classroom Teacher
Mr Widdeson Classroom Teacher/Head of Year 10


Mr Somers Head of Department/Assistant Headteacher
Dr Brading Classroom Teacher
Mrs Deepu Lead Teacher - Physics
Mr Harrison Classroom Teacher
Miss Hartley Classroom Teacher
Mr Lea Classroom Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Ms Mendes Classroom Teacher
Mr Russell Lead Teacher - Chemistry


Mrs Marshall Head of Art
Mrs Nicholls Classroom Teacher


Miss Bishop Head of Department
Mrs Oliver Classroom Teacher

Business Studies & Computing

Mrs Budds Head of Business Studies & Computing
Mrs Adlam Classroom Teacher
Miss Fisher Classroom Teacher
Mr Hemsley Classroom Teacher


Mrs Nolan Head of Department/Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Mrs Adams Classroom Teacher/Senior Leader for Personal, Development and Vocational Skills
Dr Busby Classroom Teacher/Head of Year 8/DofE Co-ordinator
Mr Hinstridge Classroom Teacher
Mrs Hughes Classroom Teacher/Deputy Director of Sixth Form


Mr McPhail Head of History & Sociology
Miss Bradford Head of Government & Politics/Deputy Director of Sixth Form
Mrs Barrett  Classroom Teacher /Joint Head of Year 7
Mrs Bensley Classroom Teacher /Joint Head of Year 7
Miss Kelly  Classroom Teacher/ Head of Year 9

Media Studies

Mr Hurley Director of Sixth Form
Mr Outred Head of Department

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Miles Head of Department
Miss Dear Classroom Teacher
Miss Narkiewicz Classroom Teacher /Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs Raven Classroom Teacher


Dr Butler Head of Department
Miss Collier Classroom Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 11

Physical Education

Mr Kemp Head of Department
Mr Cole Snr. Pastoral Leader (Behaviour)/Head of Year 11
Miss Girling Classroom Teacher
Mr Harty Classroom Teacher
Mrs Jeffers Classroom Teacher
Miss O’Neill Snr. Pastoral Leader (DSL Child Protection)
Mrs Somers Snr. Pastoral Leader (Looked After Children) / SENCO

Personal Development and Vocational Skills

Mrs Adams Senior Lead for Personal Development & Vocational Skills
Mrs Malloy Classroom Teacher (Food)
Ms Thompson Classroom Instructor (Child Development)
Mr Vail Classroom Teacher (DT)
Additional Sixth Form Options
Miss Haley Classroom Teacher (Psychology)
Mrs Ryder Classroom Teacher (Health and Social Care)