Revision - Year 11

With study leave beginning on Monday 15th May for year 11, I would like to make you aware of the revision sessions that departments are putting on each day to support students with their exam preparation. The attached PDF document shows where students have exams (in green) and where revision sessions are available (in grey).

2023 Revision Timetable

Please do not use this timetable as a substitute for your personalised exam timetable; there may be some differences due to exam clashes and access arrangements.

In addition to this, students will be able to revise in the Library each day. Alternative rooms available for revision will be displayed outside of the Library when available. It is important that students sign in and out using the signing in sheet that will be outside the Library each day.

Before each exam, departments will be running 20-minute exam warm-up sessions: the locations of these will be displayed in each department and on the exams noticeboard. Although not compulsory, these sessions are very useful for students to talk through any last minute concerns and for teachers to make sure that students have the correct equipment for exams.

Throughout study leave, teachers will be available for students to contact and seek further advice and
support with revision. Please do not hesitate in contacting them



Remember that best revision is ACTIVE. So read, test, review, and then do it again. 

Extra Exam Revision Sessions: 

Thursday 18th May 11.15-12  - Paper 1 revision session in room 64 with Mrs Adlam
Friday 19th May 12.15-12.45 - Pre-exam warm up session (Miss Fisher)
Friday 19th May 1pm - Paper 1 Exam

Tuesday 23rd May 2-3pm -  Paper 2 revision session in room 73 with Miss Fisher
Thursday 25th May 12.15-12.45 - Pre-exam warm up session (Mrs Adlam)
Thursday 25th May 1pm - Paper 2 Exam 

Below are some resources to help you revise.

Smart Revise

Isaac Computer Science

BBC Bitesize

Seneca Learning

Craig and Dave Videos


Remember you are sitting OCR GCSE Computer Science J277. 
Use the filters on Smart Revise to spend 10-20minutes revising different topics. If you don't understand watch the Craig and Dave video or read about the topic using Isaac CS, Bitesize, Seneca or your Revision Guide.

You can still buy the ClearRevise Revision Guide on Pay360 and get one from Mrs Adlam