Maths Anxiety Support

Message from the Maths department!

Ever wanted to help your child with their maths homework more effectively?

How often have you heard phrases such as: “I'm afraid she gets her maths brain from me!", "I'm not a maths person!", "I'm useless at Maths!", "What they learn in school is so hard these days"? You may even have used some of them, or something similar, yourself.

As Maths teachers, this is heart-breaking! But what these comments are really saying is that the person is maths-anxious, under-confident and unsure how to help their child with Maths.

Here in the DHS Maths department, we want to support adults and children to engage in positive conversations and embrace a positive attitude when working with all aspect of mathematics.

I wanted to share these opportunities, which have come about courtesy of Eedi.

(For more details about Eedi click the link EEdi)

       1. Free course for Maths-anxious Parents

In addition to the live webinar, there is also a short online course called "Helping with Homework: For Maths-Anxious Parents" which is ready to access now. It guides you through a few of the ways you can help your child without having to know too much about the maths. Why not check it out for yourself and see if you could benefit from it?


        2. Free course for students with Maths anxiety

The free Maths anxiety course for students is still available here. Over 2000 students have already completed the course, with lots of praise coming in from those who have found it valuable. An email certificate is sent through upon completion, so you'll have something handy to record as evidence.

I hope you find these opportunities helpful and would love to hear any feedback.

Thank you for your continued support and remember to keep that mathematical mindset positive. As we always say in the department, “It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it YET!”

Kind regards,

Kevin Storey

Director of Mathematics