Safeguarding across our curriculum

Safeguarding is an overriding priority at Diss High School. The diagram below shows what and where Safeguarding is delivered in our school curriculum.


Please see the link for a list of useful Well Being and Mental Health Apps.

Well Being and Mental Health Apps

5 Ways to Well Being

How to deal with exam stress from YoungMinds. 

Dealing with Anxiety - 4-7-8 Breathing techniques and the 5 senses.

NHS - Anxiety help - Top tips on dealing with anxiety. The video on reframing unhelpful thoughts is particularly good as are the relaxation exercises!

Teen Mental Health - A Guide for Parents - Advice on ''Teen Mental Health - A Guide For Parents''

Sexting - Consensual and non-consensual sharing of nudes and semi-nudes (sexting)

Summer Holiday Help - Accessing help over the summer

Sleep for Teens: On Demand PresentationLots of teenagers struggle to establish good sleep routines, this online presentation and accompanying booklet 'Sleep and Anxiety for Teenagers' aims to help. (£4.83, avaliable until December 2022)