Gifted and Talented

Diss High School constantly tries to improve not only the attainment, but also the whole educational experience for all of our students. One strategy we employ to support this is our Gifted and Talented programme. Our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator identifies, monitors and supports those students who will take part in the programme. The process of identifying the gifted and talented students takes place during the autumn term.

Support for students involves effective and appropriate teaching and learning styles, differentiated teaching materials and a vast array of trips and activities, often involving universities or top businesses.

Our Gifted and Talented students not only do well academically, but engage in experiences ( like spending the day at Cambridge University on a private tour with an Admissions Tutor), which extend the boundaries of their aspirations. At Key Stage 3, students are invited to attend Additional Studies lessons which take place before the main school day and cover a wide variety of topics. Other opportunities include courses at Villiers Park, overseas visits and extended projects.