Option Guidance

Diss High school students will make their GCSE Options in year 9

KS4 Course Choices – Students are given help during tutorial time and Wider Curriculum lessons in order to prepare them for the decisions they need to make during Year 9.  They learn more about how to make decisions wisely, understand more about the range and structure of their choices. This is supported in this by 1:1 careers appointments where necessary. To request a careers appointment see Mrs Adams.

Essential advice about choosing GCSEs

1. Enjoyment: Choose subjects you think you will enjoy. This means researching content closely and asking teachers and others who know you well for advice.

2. Aptitude: Choose subjects which you think you will be good at - you will be more likely to enjoy them as well. Think about why you might enjoy particular subjects and how committed you feel – e.g. drama: have you enjoyed performing previously? Do you like working collaboratively? Are you committed enough to rehearse for GCSE performance work in the evenings and maybe at weekends?

3. Prospects: Think seriously about future ambitions. If you already have a university course in mind, check entry requirements for specific courses at university and work back from there.

4. Balance: If you have no idea what you want to do in the future make sure that your options provide a broad and balanced programme.

5. Independence: Don’t choose on the basis of what friends are doing or on the basis of favourite teachers. Make your own decisions.


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