In today’s world, speaking a foreign language is becoming increasingly important. It is widely recognised that Spanish, in particular, is one of the most valuable and useful second languages to learn.

Spanish is spoken as a mother tongue by over 350 million people, and is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to offer your product or service to the 350 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish?  It is also the second most widely spoken language in the various countries of the world after English – 21 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Peru, have Spanish as their official language, and it is becoming ever more important in the United States. In North America, Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market segment. As for job opportunities, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have Spanish on your résumé

Spain is Britain’s third most important trading partner, and South America is becoming ever more important. This means that companies are looking for people with Spanish, so even if you want to become an engineer or lawyer, Spanish will make you more employable and lead to better pay.

Research has shown that Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn for speakers of English. Its pronunciation system is simple and regular, and many words are similar to English.
Learning Spanish opens up lots of opportunities to have more fun. Who doesn't enjoy reading a good book or watching a good movie? Music? You bet! Food? The best! The satisfaction of accomplishment? It's there waiting for you to grab it! For all of the reasons mentioned above, and a whole lot that haven't been mentioned, learning Spanish can be one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do.

The department uses the Edexcel Spanish GCSE course.


 You can download a Spanish GCSE Vocabulary booklet from HERE











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