The School Council

The School Council is made up of students (usually 2 from each tutor group) voted in by their fellow tutees.

There are then 2 representatives from each year group who feedback at whole school meetings.  Year group representatives are indicated with bold text. The Head Boy and Head Girl Chair whole school council meetings.




Year Councillor is someone who is elected (voted in) by their form group to put forward the views of that form group about how our school is run and how it might be improved.  

Year Council meetings will be used to discuss issues raised by each of the tutor groups in that year.  A form will be circulated to all tutor groups before the year council meeting, to help the year councillors to collect matters to discuss at the meeting.  Year councillors will receive some training before the first meeting.

Year council meetings will take place once per term and will be led by your Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year with support from prefects.  The year 11 meeting will be chaired by the Head Girl and Head Boy. 

This is your chance to have your say in how we run our school and to contribute to any changes.

Two of the elected year councillors from each year group (chosen by your Head of Year) will also attend the Whole School Council meetings.

Key issues raised by each separate year group will be discussed at the Whole School Council meetings, where a member of the Senior Leadership Team will identify any actions that need to be taken across the school.

Whole School Council meetings will also be used to discuss broader fundraising events and community involvement.

Whole School Council meetings will take place in the Conference Centre, once per term on the following dates:

Wednesday 4th December 2019 P3

Friday 14th February 2020 P3

Monday 22nd June 2020 P1

Year Council meetings will take place a fortnight before the whole school council meetings, at a time and date organised by your Head of Year – you will get room/time details nearer the time.


School Council

Diss High School

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