Years 7 & 8


Science Home

Students in Year 7 and 8 receive 3 hours of science lessons each week. They follow schemes of work developed in the school based around the OUP Activate scheme. Students are provided with opportunities to develop their practical skills during the course of Years 7 and 8. We also look to use this as a good foundation for GCSE study.

Summative Assessment takes place at regular intervals throughout the year to give a measure of progress at the end of each topic. Students are also assessed informally throughout the year to ensure that they are developing the skills that we feel it is important that a Science student possesses. Laboratory experience has been minimal for most students prior to High School so it is important that they are allowed to familiarise themselves with the laboratory equipment and become competent in its use.

Topics covered:


 Year 7
 Reproduction Cells
 Elements Atoms and Compounds Reactions
 Forces Sound


 Year 8
 Ecosystem Processes Adaption and Inheritance
 Separation Techniques Metals and Acids
 Electricity and Magnetism Energy
  Motion and Pressure


Sc Year 7&8

Diss High School

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