Sixth Form

Biology A Level


Year 13

Year 13 students are currently following the OCR A level H421 A2 specification.  The final year includes 2 taught modules and an additional coursework assessment.  Topics to be covered in Year 13 are:

All written examinations will be taken in June 2016

The complete specification can be viewed at

Year 12

The Year 12 students will be following the OCRH020 Specification to AS level and then the H420 specification to A level.  All students will be required to complete a portfolio of practical work covering each of the 12 Practical Activity Groups (PAGs).  These include:


The emphasis here is on students experiencing a large range of practical activities and developing their skills in these.

Topics covered in Year 12 include:


Chemistry A Level

At A Level, we follow the AQA specification for chemistry. All material is examined at the end of the two-year A Level, with examinations counting 100% towards the final grade. There is a practical endorsement attached to the A Level where competency in practical skills is assessed. This is done through the completion of a variety of key practical tasks.

Chemistry is split into three broad areas: organic chemistry, physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry. There are three written papers at the end of the course.


The full specification (7405) can be viewed at 

Physics A Level

Exam board: AQA

Course specification:  7408

Subject content

Core content

  1. Measurements and their errors
  2. Particles and radiation
  3. Waves
  4. Mechanics and materials
  5. Electricity
  6. Further mechanics and thermal physics
  7. Fields and their consequences
  8. Nuclear physics

Optional topic

  1. Astrophysics
  2. Medical physics
  3. Engineering physics
  4. Turning points in physics
  5. Electronics

Practical endorsement

All students taking an A level Physics qualification are expected to have carried out the twelve required practical activities. This is a compulsory element of the full A level course.  A separate endorsement of practical skills will be taken alongside the A level.  This will be assessed by teachers and will be based on direct observation of students' competency in a range of skills that are not assessable in written exams.


 Visit for more details of the specification.

Level 3 Diploma in Medical Science

This course is a level 3 vocational diploma from WJEC and is the equivalent to 1 A level. It is graded on a six point scale:  E,D,C,B,A,A*. The specification can be downloaded at .


Medical Science is the science of dealing with the maintenance of health, as well as the treatment and prevention of diseases. This course is suited to students who are looking to pursue a career in health care or medical research. The course provides learners with scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as practical skills that will allow a progression to a range of jobs within health care.

The course is split through 6 units and there are a mixture of internally and externally assessed units.

Year 12

Unit 1 – Human health and disease  - This is an externally assessed unit that covers topics on:

  • Biological molecules
  • Human cell structure
  • Movement in and out of cells
  • DNA mechanisms, body systems
  • Effects of lifestyle and disease on human body systems 
  • Reporting on human health.

Unit 2 – Physiological measurement techniques – This is an internally assessed unit that covers topics on:

  • Function of physiological measurement tests
  • Dealing with patients – confidentiality and conduct
  • Planning and carrying out physiological tests

Unit 3 – Medical sciences research methods – This is an externally assessed unit that covers topics on:

  • Research methods
  • Collecting data
  • Data analysis and processing.

Year 13

Unit 4 – Medicines and the treatment of disease – This is an internally assessed unit and covers topics on:

  • Management of medicine
  • How medicines work
  • Cancer treatment
  • How to research and communicate medical information

Unit 5 – Clinical laboratory tests – This is an externally assessed unit and involves carrying out clinical laboratory techniques and processing clinical test data.

Unit 6 – Medical case study – This is an externally assessed unit


Sc 6th

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