Remote Access 


How to Connect to School's SIMS and Shared Folders

The school has a web-based Remote Access system which emables staff to access files and certain programs such as SIMS and 4Matrix from home. To get this working, you'll either need to use Internet Explorer, or install an IE add-in such as "IE Tab" within other browsers such as Chrome.

You can then go to the following URL:

You may see various prompts for which you’ll need to click “OK” / “Continue” / "Allow" / "Connect" / "Install" etc. It will need to install a couple of plugins the first time.

You'll then reach the logon page, where you can select "Diss High" from the list of schools and log in using your usual network username and password.

Opening files is similar to opening email attachments; they'll be downloaded and edited on your home PC.

You can run programs such as SIMS from the "Terminal Services" section. If you have trouble getting this to work, you might need to change the security settings in Internet Explorer:

1) Internet Options

2) Security tab

3) Select “Trusted sites” and click the “Sites” button

4) Enter the URL and click “Add” to add it to the list of trusted sites

5) Click “Close” and set the security level to low



Diss High School

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