Religious Studies:


KS3 Tutorials 

(As part of PSHEE)


We aim to give a varied, exciting and challenging curriculum that encourages an understanding of, as well as an interest in, many religions and cultures. We believe that in a multicultural and multi-religious environment, pupils will have an ideal opportunity to learn about these, as well as learn from one other. We aim to challenge students to express their own beliefs while also gaining the skills necessary to evaluate a range of different opinions and ideas about philosophical questions, cultures and the role of religion in the modern world. Religious Studies is taught within PSHEE . The focus is on Religions Around the Globe: A study of the different cultures around the globe, their similarities, differences, strengths and difficulties in a changing world. 

What to Watch

The Buddha

The Miracle Maker (Animated film about the miracles performed by Jesus) 

Gandhi (1982 - with Ben Kingsley)

The Lady (2011)

The Big Question and Question Time on the BBC

Where to Go

What to Read

"Very Short Introductions" publish a range of books on all the different world religions. These are a very good starter book for learning about the key beliefs and practices of the various faiths.


Religious Studies

Diss High School

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