Years 7 to 9

Years 7 and 8

Students are taught in four key areas:

  • Invasion
  • Athletic Activities
  • Gymnastic Activities
  • Health Related Fitness

Year 9

Students are taught in four key areas:

  • Invasion
  • Athletic Activities
  • Gymnastic Activities (Trampolining)
  • Health Related Fitness


The department views assessment as integral to student development.  However it believes that assessment must be perceived as non-threatening to students if motivation is to be maintained.

Students are to be assessed in the major activities on a scale of  "1 to exceptional performance".  These levels reflect key stage attainment in view of skills and tactical understanding required.

Students in Year 7 will be assessed at the end of each block of work.  They should then use this grade to record targets in their diaries from the flow charts displayed in the classroom.  Teacher's assessment should be based on their performance throughout the block of work.  Some formal assessment can take place in the final week using common practices from the schemes of work but should not be the only part of the assessment.

Students in Years 8 and 9 should have the opportunity to reflect on their previous achievement in week one or two and then work towards improving their performance by the final week.  Teachers should make initial informal assessments to aid students in setting achievable target for the block of work.  This will also act as a mechanism for standardisation.  Again students should record targets from the flow charts in their diaries.

Students are continually encouraged to undertake assessment for learning in the form of student coaching tasks.  They will be encouraged to viewand compare their own and their peers performances and plan to improve.  Active group and partner discussions on performances are central to many lessons.

Students will continually be assessed and perform self-evaluations in their Health Related Fitness lessons.  Their workbooks will form part of their final key stage assessment.


Years 10 & 11

 In Years 10 and 11 students will be required to follow:

  • An advanced unit in Invasion (Football or Rugby [Boys]; Hockey or Netball [Girls])
  • A Health Related Fitness unit
  • An Advanced unit for Athetics or Sports Leaders Award
  • Students also select four other activities from any area


At Diss High we currently follow the OCR examination group syllabus.

There is a general course outline below.  A full syllabus content can be found on their website OCR.

50% Practical

Students are assessed in four activities from two of the following groups:

  • Athletic
  • Invasion
  • Dance
  • Outdoor and Adventurous
  • Gymnastic
  • Exercise and Fitness

40% Theory

Students are assessed at the end of Year 10 and Year 11 in two, one-hour written exams.

Students are taught about the impact of lifestyle choices, methods and effects of training, fitness and fitness testing.

10% Controlled Assessment

One controlled assessment will be completed in Year 10 and one in Year 11.


Sixth Form

The course is divided into four units:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology, Acquisition of skill and Contemporary studies in P.E.;
  2. Practical work.  It looks at performance and understanding in two activities, through a ‘conditioned competitive situation’;
  3. History of Sport, Sports Psychology and Exercise Physiology;
  4. Practical work.  It looks at performance and understanding in two activities through ‘effective performance’.

Units 1 - 2 will usually be completed by the end of Year 12 and
Units 3 – 4 by the end of Year 13.

Lessons will be a combination of lectures, discussions, experiments and practical work.

Students are expected to do at least three hours of homework a week plus extra reading.


PE Courses

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