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According to Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, "the limits of my language are the limits of my universe." 

“There is no mode of action, no form of emotion that we do not share with the lower animals. It is only by language that we rise above them…” (Oscar Wilde)

At Diss High we place a high emphasis upon Languages and the international dimension of the curriculum. We promote language learning at all ages and levels. Studies show that studying languages can improve your memory and slow age-related decline in mental acuity. And studying another language makes you smarter! Your critical thinking skills will be improved as you learn to view things through a different lens. Learning a second language stimulates creativity! All students at Diss High study at least one foreign language. Knowledge of foreign languages is a significant asset in the job market as well as greatly enhancing travel and cultural understanding. Language lessons promote vital communication skills and encourage mental agility.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞

‒Nelson Mandela


Currently every student studies Spanish in Year 7 with French being added for some pupils in Year 8.  The study of languages is compulsory for the vast majority of students until the end of Year 11 with option choices being taken in Year 8.  All pupils will sit exams in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing at the end of Year 11 to gain their GCSE in French/Spanish. At 'A' Level we offer French and Spanish and we encourage as many students as possible to continue their language studies into the Sixth Form.

Students are encouraged to take study visits to France and Spain. Recently, we have visited Madrid (Years 9-11), Paris (Years 9-10) and Boulogne (Year 8). We strive to provide innovative language teaching and are proud of the results that our students achieve. 


Homework is set in all years.  The amount and difficulty of homework varies according to the age and ability of the student but, they should expect it on a weekly basis.  Learning vocabulary and grammar is vital and students should give this a high priority, even when not set directly as homework, and recognise the importance of incorporating it into their long-term  memory.  This need not be difficult if they set aside just 5 or 10 minutes per day to this task. Staff will ensure that the students have a number of strategies to enable them to do their learning successfully. 


Modern Foreign Languages

Diss High School

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