Key Stage 5

(Years 12 & 13)

During the course, students study Pure Mathematics, contributing to two thirds of the final qualification, as well as a combination of the applied modules of ‘Mechanics’, ‘Statistics’ and ‘Discrete Mathematics’.  Pure Mathematics extends many GCSE topics such as algebra, trigonometry, vectors and functions while introducing new approaches, especially calculus.  ‘Mechanics’ deals with the mathematical modelling of the movement of a particle. ‘Statistics’ models common situations using ‘probability distributions’ and extends GCSE data analysis techniques.

‘Discrete mathematics’ looks at techniques used in planning, decision-making and optimising.

Pure Mathematics supports all A level subjects which require mathematical approaches: ‘Mechanics’ is of particular benefit to Physics and Chemistry; ‘Statistics’ is an essential component of many areas of study in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Biology; ‘Discrete’ Maths is useful for Computing and Business Studies.

Mathematics at Diss is offered in two of our four option blocks both will receive 5 hours teaching time. It is also possible to study Further Mathematics at Diss; pupils are timetabled a guaranteed 2 hours teaching time which is then increased using available ‘study periods’.

Mathematics is a demanding and rigorous subject where accuracy, attention to detail and clear logical thought are essential.   This is reflected in the expectations of students following the course, with a particular emphasis placed on good study habits as well as the ability to meet deadlines and keep up with the large workload.

A level Mathematics can lead to a degree in Mathematics and is also a desirable, in some cases essential, requirement for many others such as medicine, accountancy, actuarial courses, sciences and social sciences.   Even without higher education, A level Mathematics is considered by most employers to be indicative of a high level of ability, determination and organisation.

A level Further Mathematics is very useful for those intending to study Maths or Physics at university. For some universities it is a requirement if it is available at the school attended.  It is also useful as a fourth A level for students considering a very competitive career option such as medicine.


Maths KS5

Diss High School

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