Key Stage 5 History


Students will have 5 lessons of History each week, split between the study of two topics: 3 lessons each week in Year 12 will be based on the Tudors, 1485 - 1603; the other 2 will be focused on International Relations 1890-1941. The exam board will be AQA, and all students will take an exam at the end of Year 12 for which they can cash in an AS level or if students wish to study for a full A level, they can continue to study History in Year 13 and take all exams at the end of that year. At the start of Year 12, all students will receive a study guide which contains essential information regarding the course, how to study and useful resources.

Outline of Study for Key Stage 5 (For first examination in 2017)

Students who opt to continue their History in Year 13 will resume their studies of the Tudors and International Relations, completing the narrative of each topic. The outline of study is below. In addition to this, all students will undertake a NEA (Non Examined Assessment) which is the coursework element and is worth 20% of the overall A level; the remaining 80% is divided equally between each exam taken for the Tudors and International Relations.

Throughout the course in both Year 12 and 13, students will be given opportunities to research, plan and construct their own interpretations of the past so that they become competent historians and well prepared for the challenges of university if they choose to do so.



KS5 History

Diss High School

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