House Captains 


Year 7
Callum Thompson-Browne
Charlie Aldous
 Katie Robinson
Hannah Digby

 Year 8
Elizabeth Newberry
Bella Litewska
Joseph Boardman
Finlay Martin 


 Year 9
Finn Zaal
Lucy Bullingham
Eleanor Budds
Kyle Halil 

  Year 10
Sophie Pursehouse
Emily Duffy
Nathan Channel
Aaron Noller 

 Year 11
Charlie Bowen
Cara Fensome


Year 7
Liam Turberville
Bee Johnston
Charlie Brundle
Leah Kidd 


Year 8
Evie Bloom
 Fleur Bentin
Arnas Darkintis
William Beale 


 Year 9
Max Bowen
 Tegan Kerry
Lily Trudgill 

 Year 10
Jess Annison
 Lauren Taylor
 Isaac Nunn
Aaron Ely 

Year 11
Connor Blake
 Sofia Chapman 


 Year 7
Elliot Garnham
 Hannah Rook
Jacob Minns
Olivia Chapman 

 Year 8
Miles Holiday
Matthew Munnings
Mae Clark
Beth Armstrong 


Year 9
Tyler Matthews
Harry Pitcher
Niamh Somers
Sable Hines 

Year 10
Tia Kidd
Jacob Ready
Will Reeve
Sophie Govier-Schaay 

 Year 11
Ralph Slaney
Hannah Shea 


Year 7
Levi Briggs
Jess Reeve
Elliot Squirell
Ruby Greenhalf 

Year 8
Anya Molden
Megan Waters
Alfie Chenery
Samuel Gasson-Cox 


Year 9
George Bingham
Lewis Allen
Mary Rice
Hazel Pankhurst 

Year 10
Anoushka Williamson
Elliot Spencer
Henry Ready
Ruby Watkinson

Year 11
Nathaniel Strange
Lauren Dennis


 House Cup Competitions


December 12th - 16th - Dodgeball
January 9th - 20th - Football/Netball 
March 27th - 31st - Cross Country
May 8th - 12th - Rounders
July 19th - Sports Day


House Competitions

Diss High School

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