History is all around us, and there is no substitute for finding out about the past by visiting a range of places that help us understand our history. The following trips have been run by the History Department to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of key events studied in the classroom:
Key Stage 3
  • A visit to the Black Country Museum to understand social conditions during the Industrial Revolution;
  • A visit to Queens Theatre in London’s West End to see an interpretation of Les Miserables as part of the study of the success of the French Revolution.
Key Stage 4
  • A visit to the battlefields of World War I in France and Belgium to gain an insight into the lives of soldiers who fought;
  • A walk to the War Memorial outside St. Mary’s Church in Diss to consider numbers of local people involved in conflict, and whether the memorial is a fitting tribute to those whose lives were lost;
  • A visit to the Imperial War Museum in London to complement the study of the changing nature of warfare in the twentieth century;
  • Students visit Norwich Playhouse to watch a School History Scene production of Hitler on Trial to understand the rise and subsequent actions of Hitler in the lead up the World War II.
Key Stage 5
  • A visit to St. Mary’s Church in Diss to explore the religious changes that took place during the Reformation.
We are always looking at new ways of finding out about the past outside of the classroom, and always encourage students to research for themselves their local history, including the 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum in Dickleburgh and the former prisoner of war camps in Botesdale. Additionally, we always encourage students to find out about their family history – we have found students have had relatives involved in the Far East during WWII to tracing their family tree back to Norman England - be prepared to be asked many questions and find your family being part of presentations!


History Visits

Diss High School

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