Hello and welcome to the home page of the History Department at DissHigh School. Whether you are a student looking for information about your course or a parent interested in what we do, I hope that you find it both useful and informative, gaining an insight into some of the outstanding efforts and achievements that staff and students demonstrate each and every day.

In an age when changes and opinions about History education are frequently reported on in the news, the History department continues to strive to reach the standard of ‘outstanding’ in all it does. The History department is made up of 4 exceptionally talented teachers! Mr McPhail is Head of Department having joined Diss in 2005 as a part-time temporary history teacher. Miss Bradford started her teaching career at Diss in 2002 and is also in charge of Government and Politics and Miss Kelly started her career in teaching at Diss 6 years later in 2008 and is also now an Assistant Head of Year. Finally, Mr Nolan joined the team in 2014 having previously taught in London and is now in charge of the Classics department. This blend of youth and experience ensures that all students have the best chance to meet, or exceed, their full potential.



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