Government and Politics

A Level 


We follow the Edexcel Government and Politics syllabus including the Global Politics unit.

There are three components to study:

Component one includes the study of political participation in the UK and will involve addressing democracy, political parties, types of electoral systems and voting behaviour linked with the media.  It will also involve examining three key political ideologies of liberalism, conservatism and socialism.

Component two includes the study of the Government of the UK and will examine the constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and Executive plus the relationship between parliament, government and judiciary.  Added to this will be the study of the political ideology of feminism.

Component three will follow the Global Politics route, an understanding of which is vital to the increasingly global world in which we live.  Students will study nation states within the globalised world, political and economic global governance (including the roles of NATO, the United Nations and International Monetary Fund), human rights and environmental concerns within the globalised world, how power is exercised by different nations including the disparity of power, the background to and significance of the EU and we will also investigate the political thinking and philosophy behind global politics.



Government and Politics 'A' Level provides an excellent foundation for careers in the civil service, local government, the legal system, the media, teaching and social work. Occupations which require the skills of investigation and analysis as well as making proposals and arguing the case are easily linked to a Politics qualification.


Government and Politics

Diss High School

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