WJEC GCE Film Studies




For the exam assessed unit, students deconstruct various film texts through micro- and macro-analysis. The students explore topics in British film, focusing on the horror and crime genres. For these modules, a number of films are deconstructed in detail. The students study ‘Get Carter’, ‘Bullet Boy’, and ‘Sexy Beast’ for the socio-political module. For the horror genre module, they apply various theoretical concepts to ‘The Descent’ and ‘Dracula: Price of Darkness’. For the American Film unit, they compare two US Westerns in detail (the revisionist Western, ‘Unforgiven’, and the Coen brothers post-modern take on the Western, ‘No Country for Old Men’). They also study the role of film producers and film audiences. For the coursework unit, students explore the film form through the micro-analysis of meanings produced by a film sequence of their choice. They create their own short film, spending the spring term planning, scripting, filming, and editing. This process is evaluated in detail. 



For the coursework module, students complete a small-scale research project accompanied by a presentation script on three films. The focus of this research is a topic they themselves select, for example gender issues or issues of genre. They work on their creative film product and the detailed analysis of this process. For the second unit (exam assessed), students study issues and debates in film. They focus on the importance of world cinema through films such as ‘La Haine’, ‘Amores Perros’, and ‘City of God’. They also explore the concept spectatorship, through a study of documentary film making. Finally, students complete two critical studies, one of ‘Fight Club’ and one of ‘Vertigo’.


Film Studies

Diss High School

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