Key Stage 4


Year 9

Drama is taught in mixed ability groupings and is an option subject.
The Year 9 curriculum prepares learners for the rigours of the GCSE Drama course.  It offers the opportunity to learn new skills, create devised work and explore contrasting play texts.
As part of the course, they are required to study complete and substantial play texts as well as extracts from plays.  Texts studied include ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare and ‘Kindertransport’ by Diane Samuels.   We also create drama using a variety of stimulus materials, such as newspaper stories, music, diary entries, pictures and novels.
Units of study include The History of Theatre, Devising Drama and ‘Kindertransport’.


Year 10 and 11

We study the OCR GCSE (9-1) Drama Syllabus
Component 1 – Devising Drama     30%
Component 2  – Presenting and Performing Texts   30%
Component 3 – Drama: Performance and Response   40%

Year 10 Drama requires pupils to think carefully about Drama form, content and structure and workshop ways that drama medium can be used to create meaning.
Learners continue to complete a detailed study of ‘Kindertransport’ as well as performing extracts ‘Punk Rock’ by Simon Stephens.
We continue to develop devising skills and students will complete their Devising Drama Unit.
In addition to this, we will also watch Live Theatre productions and learn how to critique the ways that directors and designers communicate to an audience through the use of staging, set and lighting and sound.

Drama in Year 11 is heavily weighted towards performance and offers the pupils the opportunity to refine performance skill and learn about the rehearsal process.
They are required to work as a performance company under the supervision of the class teacher to produce a short performance for a visiting examiner.
The students will also sit a written examination which requires them to reflect on the rehearsal and performance process from the perspective of an actor, a director and a designer.


Drama GCSE

Diss High School

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