‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’William Shakespeare
Drama and Theatre is about interpreting and appreciating the world around us.  It is about exploring people, relationships and emotions and attempting to explore and understand what it means to be an individual.  It is also about discovering who we are and what we are capable of.
At Diss High School, we believe that it is important for all young people to try and develop an understanding of others and explore views and opinions which may be different from their own.  Drama is creative.  Our pupils learn through exploration, performance and reflection.  Questioning our work and challenging views and opinions can make us better learners.

‘Always forwards, never backwards’Frantic Assembly
The Drama Department strives to achieve excellence in all we do.  We have high expectations, encouraging learners to set targets on a regular basis so progress is made.
Young performers often struggle to comprehend that work already completed can be ‘made better’.  By setting clear targets, the Department encourage all learners to appreciate that a scene can be performed in a smoother, slicker, faster and more convincing way than before.


Extra Curricular Opportunities:

There are opportunities for all to participate in the annual school show.  We also run a Performing Arts Academy and have strong links with 'The Keepers Daughter', the theatre company affiliated with the Diss Corn Hall.

We continue to develop strong links across the curriculum with other Arts subjects. 



To help achieve excellence, we are committed to enriching pupils learning.  We invite industry professionals to school to run workshops and organise regular theatre visits to London, Norwich and Ipswich.


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