Departmental Policy

Practical and theoretical work will be taught according to the schemes of work which show stages of progression and areas to be covered in line with National Curriculum orders, GCSE and A/A-S Level syllabi. Detailed lesson planning will be the responsibility of the individual teacher.

The Department will strive to develop the individual strengths, interests and characteristics of each pupil, having regard tothe particular environment of the School.

Links with other departments will be encouraged, through major cross-curricular events, practical and ideological connections with the CDT, Music and Drama Departments.

While becoming increasingly involved in the ‘applied’ aspect of art activities, the Department will endeavour to ensure that the principles by which these activities are sustained; namely, a sensitive visual awareness, an ability to observe and record, the development of imaginative responses to the world, the encouragement of an enquiring eye and mind and of original thought, the acquisition of basic and sophisticated skills, the use of a vivid vocabulary, the accumulation of a visual store of images from around the world to inform opinions and artwork - all will be pursued in the classroom.

The Department will encourage and maintain links with ‘feeder’ schools to provide practical and theoretical help and support in relation to the implementation of the National Curriculum. 

The Department will provide Art and Design careers advice and help pupils gain access to Colleges of Further and Higher Education.

As well as studio-based activities, the Department organises a considerable amount of activity in the local rural and urban environment, encouraging pupils to be aware of their very interesting and attractive birthright. This may involve community projects and exhibitions of pupils’ work in the local area.

Together with lesson projects, a series of research days will be organised, collecting visual information at specific locations in East Anglia and special days devoted to specific activities, especially figure drawing.

Special courses concentrating on life drawing are organised for Sixth Form students and an Art Club takes place on Wednesday, open to the whole school (and particularly GCSE candidates) during specified lunch times during the week. No pupil should use equipment within the Department unless supervised by a member of staff.

Full advantage will be taken of courses and projects organised by local and national centres and bodies.

It is vital that staff ensure pupils take good care of all equipment and studios in order that decent facilities are available to all.   In addition, staff are asked to take regular stock of studio equipment, to ensure that the department is kept in a tidy and workable state and that this same responsible attitude is encouraged in the pupils.   Each member of staff is responsible for the good husbandry of resources in the Department.

All members of staff must ensure that pupils’ work is stored safely within plan chests or storage cupboards and that these are neatly maintained and clearly labelled.

Every encouragement should be given to pupils with an emphasis on positive constructive criticism relating to work and general attitude within the Department.


Departmental Policy

Diss High School

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