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August is always a time when notable success stories present themselves to the history department, as those all important envelopes containing student results are opened by our GCSE and A-level students. In the summer of 2011 one of our A-level students, Tom Fleming, achieved the highest score nationally for the WJEC exam board, achieving a combined score of 396/400, much to the delight of all within the department. With his A*, Tom went on to study History and Politics at Oxford.

With such a high standard set, our 2012 cohort also did very well. Not only was our 100% pass rate maintained with 38% of students achieving an A* or A grade, but James Baillie went on to study History at Cambridge – we wish him, and all those Year 13 students, every success in the future.

Results for our GCSE students were just as pleasing. History is one of the most popular options at GCSE, with over half the year group from all sets electing to study the subject. Overall, 7 students achieved an A*, with our top performers being Declan Jones with 235/240 and Jude Palmer with 228/240. Year 11 Diss High School students achieved 68% A* - C grades for their summer exams, compared with 62% for similar schools. These scores were the result of hard work and determination from both teacher and student – very well done to all!

Year 10 results were also encouraging, with 20 students achieving either an A* or A grade in their Unit 2 exam. Hopefully, this time next year I can report of further success – keep up the good work!

However, success in history can be seen right throughout the school, with students of all years and abilities producing excellent work – check out the photographs of the model castles done by our Year 7 students, and the imaginative ways in which some of our Year 9 students have sought to remember the Holocaust.


 Update of 2014 Exams

This proved to be another very successful year and results made us very proud of all our students. Highlights of note were:
Year 13: Tom Howard, Jude Palmer and Anna Tran all scored A grades and are now off to university. Tom Howard has chosen to go to the UEA to study History; I’m sure he will enjoy it and will enjoy further successes.
Year 12: 12 of our students matched or exceeded their target grades with 8 students scoring a grade A in their exams. This is a solid foundation for this wishing to progress to Year 13!
Year 11: Overall, 84% of our 77 students who studied the AQA History B course achieved A* - C; over a third of all grades were A*/A with top performers being Tom Davey and Mimi Patterson. The most pleasing aspect of our results was the fact 47% of students exceeded their target grade – a very big well done to both staff and students, and we look forward to seeing 18 of our Year 11’s take History in Year 12 proving once again that History is one of the most popular options at AS level!


Department Success

Diss High School

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