So much of our own culture, language and literature has its roots in the civilisations of ancient Greek and Rome.

There is still plenty of evidence in East Anglia of the Roman occupation of Britain in the first century AD.



 A Level

A-level Classical Civilisation allows students to look at many aspects of the classical world which are significant in the development of the modern world. A study of Classical Civilisation complements many other popular A levels, including Art, Drama and Theatre Studies, English Literature, Government and Politics, History, History of Art, and Philosophy, as well as a study of the classical languages. The topics cover aspects of classical civilisation which have been significant in the development of the modern world. All include a study of primary classical sources, whether texts in translation or physical evidence, and all encourage candidates to gain an understanding of Greek and/or Roman society and its values.

The Examination Board is AQA.

Candidates study one topic for each unit. There are no prohibited combinations.



Unit 1 
One from:

Greek Architecture and Sculpture
Athenian Democracy
Aristophanes and Athens
Women in Athens and Rome
Menander and Plautus
The Life and Times of Cicero

Unit 2 
One from:

Homer Iliad
Homer Odyssey
Athenian Vase Painting
Athenian Imperialism
Roman Architecture and Town Planning
The Second Punic War



Unit 3 

One from:

Mycenaean Civilisation
The Persian Wars
Greek Tragedy
Augustus and the Foundation of the Principate
Unit 4 
One from:

Socrates and Athens
Roman Epic
Tiberius and Claudius



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