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Information and Resources for Online Payments and Cashless Catering


Diss High School operates a cashless catering and online payment systems provided by Vericool and SIMS Pay, respectively.


 Important Information about Cashless Catering


Minimum Top-up Amount:

The minimum top-up amount on the account is set at £15.00.  This is because we have to pay a transaction charge on every top-up payment.  If you are unhappy with this, your son/daughter can top-up using the re-val machines in school.


Daily Spend Limit:

The school has set a daily spend limit on the card of £5.00; if you would like to change this, please contact the school it can be put up or down according to your wishes.


Lost Cards:

Only one card can be linked to the account per student. Please report lost cards straight away.  There is a charge of £5 to replace it in cash or £3 if you pay online; this covers the cost of the card.  When a student uses their card, their photo is displayed at the pay point, so there is a very slim chance that a lost card could be used before it is reported.  If a student forgets their card, they can be looked up at the pay point but we would not encourage this as routine!


Forgotten Money:

We will NEVER see a child go hungry.  If your son/daughter forgets to bring money in to top-up their card or they do not have enough money on their card, they need to get a slip from the finance office which should be signed by their Head of Year or equivalent, the Finance Office will then issue a temporary overdraft on the account of a maximum of £2.30 (the cost of a school dinner). This would need to be cleared before another overdraft can be authorised.


Download the guide to opening a
Microsoft or Google account here:

 Download the quick start guide for your
SIMS Pay Online payments account here:


Cashless Catering

Diss High School

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