Year 12

AS/A2 Level (EdExcel Syllabus 8030-9030)


Pupils will follow the EDEXCEL A Level principles and procedures.   One of the core activities on the course will be working from direct observation as a basis for all projects.


All pupils will be provided with a student guide which outlines the structure of the course and assessment requirements. 


All pupils should have a basic set of equipment and some specialised paints (oils, acrylics) which can be purchased from the school shop. 


The first unit of work will be a diagnostic period during which pupils will engage in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar activities based on a given theme.


  • Painting - (oils, acrylics), drawing and mixed media, still lifes, portraits, direct observational work.  
  • Printmaking/etching - work from direct observation developed into monoprinting, etching and collages. 
  • Sculpture - plaster work, building armatures and use of mixed media and found objects.   Portraits, interiors, figures in action or repose, sections of the body. 
  • Thematic work - themes to develop still lives, imaginative work, figure work, portraits ‘in costume’, environmental work.


Pupils will then specialise in a chosen area of work based on one of the above. 


Exploration into the theme through set tasks and personal investigation


Sketches and drawings from direct observation


Experimentation with ideas, composition, photographs


Critical, contextual and historical work


Selection and working up of final idea in chosen media


Completed work plus a work journal to include all preparatory work


All projects should refer to their chosen area of work (i.e. specialists in thematic work must use that theme as a basis for each piece of work).


Figure drawing should constitute part of the course and it is hoped to offer this once a week as well as providing periodic visits to local and national galleries.


Preparation for the twelve hour exam will be through LVI exams and coursework.


Work Journals and homeworks are to be used and completed. 


The PERSONAL STUDY element of the course will be taught alongside the practical work and will be introduced in the third term of Year 12.


Previous examples of studies, slide shows, videos, individual tuition and first hand experience of works of art will form the basis for this component.


There will be approximately one week for LVI research in the summer term, part of which will be spent visiting exhibitions and working on the personal study, figure and landscape work.


Year 13

All projects will follow the guidelines set out above and pupils will continue to pursue their chosen specialism.


Projects will be set to suit particular areas of work - the core activity of any piece must be work from direct observation.


There will be a Y13 art research day focusing on figure work, environmental work and gallery visits.


The Personal Study component will be researched by pupils with direction from staff.


Life drawing should continue and sketchbooks used extensively.


Preparation for the exams will consist of:

  • coursework procedures 
  • a range of projects which reflect the exam paper
  • work from direct observation
  • critical and historical work
  • mock exam


All Y12 and Y13 pupils will complete at least one homework per week.


Art - A Level

Diss High School

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