What is Sociology?

Sociology is a wide ranging study of the dynamics of our society. It focuses on what culture means, our norms and values and where they come from, the influence of the media, on how society works and the causes and consequences of inequality in society.

Course details

We follow the AQA A Level specification.

The  first  part  of  the  course  deals   with   Education   and  Sociological  Research   Methods,   and   Families   and Households.

The second part of the course covers the Media.

In the third part of the course we look at Crime and Deviance.


There is no coursework. At A Level, each part of the course is examined in one 2 hour paper, making three papers in all. The examinations will take place in June 2021.

Teaching and learning

Obviously an interest in understanding society is very important for this course. You will benefit from reading and/or watching the news on a daily basis. There is a lot  of room for discussion and practical learning, but there is also a necessity to read textbooks in order to acquire an understanding of the different theories studied as well.

Sociology and other subjects

Sociology  has  been  combined  successfully  with  the  full range of other subjects offered by Diss Sixth Form, including the sciences, other social sciences such as Psychology, and arts-based subjects.

The Future

Sociology is a fully recognised subject in terms of university entrance. An A Level in Sociology stands anyone in good stead who is going to choose a subject in higher education which is based on an understanding of people. The skills developed in Sociology such as the ability to think independently about complex issues and express yourself clearly, together with the ability to problem solve as an individual and as part of a group, will be useful in any course or career with A Level entry requirements.