Examining Body: AQA

Entry Criteria: Grade 5 in GCSE English

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of our thinking, feeling and behaviour. It is an academic discipline which seeks to explain why we think, feel and behave the way we do.

Research is used to try and answer these questions and that research needs evaluating to assess its credibility.

It is said that “Psychology is….describing things which everyone knows in language which no one understands”(Raymond Cattell). So be prepared to learn a lot of new vocabulary!

Course details

We follow the AQA A Level specification.

Unit 1 covers Social influence, Memory, attachment and Psychopathology (the study of mental illness).
Unit 2 covers Biopsychology and research methods.
Unit  3  covers  Gender  issues,  Schizophrenia  and Addiction.

There is no coursework. Assessment is via three two hour examinations at the end of year 13.

Entry requirements

Obviously an interest in people, and why they do the things  they  do,  is  essential  for  this  subject. As assessment is by written examination a good level of English language is important, 10% of the assessment is of arithmetic and so a sound ability in Maths will be helpful.

Psychology and other subjects

Psychology students tend to come from a wide range of academic interests and it crosses the boundary between the Arts and the Sciences. It links well with any other subject offered at Diss Sixth Form.

The Future

Psychology is a fully recognised subject for university entrance in any subject. It offers a wide range of skills useful in a vast array of careers and will aid your ability to interact with others throughout your life.