Examining Body: Edexcel (Pearson)

Entry Criteria: Grade 5 in GCSE English or History

Politics is happening right now. Don’t miss it!

We live in a modern world of many new and exciting concepts plus established ideas of conservatism and liberalism. Globalisation, Brexit, the leadership of the Labour Party under Corbyn, the rise of international terror, the leadership of the Conservative Party, impact of the Brexit Party and much more will all be addressed in this exciting course which gives students a clear understanding of the world in which they live.

In Year 12 students will study:
  • democracy: can Britain call itself a democracy?

  • political parties: what makes a political party and can The Brexit Party call itself one?

  • electoral systems: does everyone’s vote count?

  • voting behaviour and the media: can Twitter and Facebook alter elections?

  • the constitution: how is the country run?

  • Parliament: where does power lie between the Commons and Lords?

  • Prime Minister and executive: what makes a powerful Prime Minister?

  • relationships between the branches: how do the PM, Cabinet, Commons, Lords, EU and Supreme Court work together?

  • political ideologies: what are the core ideas of liberalism, conservatism, socialism and feminism?
In Year 13 students  will  study  global  politics  which includes:
  • sovereignty and globalisation: the role of individual nations in an increasingly interconnected world

  • global governance and its relation to political, economic, human rights and environmental areas. This includes a study of global institutions such as The United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation, G7 and G20 as well as the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

  • power and developments including the rise of China and the position of America in the world

  • regionalism and the EU: other regional organisations are also looked at such as the African Union and Arab League. Reasons why nations link together are studied

  • comparative theories: ideological views of internationalism

The global politics topics have exciting crossovers with the Geography A Level offered at Diss High School.

An A Level in Politics is well regarded by universities and employers due to the analytical and discursive nature of the course. Studying Politics is an excellent foundation for students who intend to  study Politics, Law, History or Economics at University. It provides an excellent academic foundation for those intending to go into the Legal, Journalistic, Business or Political sector.

We are delighted that we have had several students continue their studies of Politics at University.