Physics - and the world around us - is changing so fast that no one can tell what aspects of the subject will be most important in, say, ten years’ time. There are,  however,  some  basic  ideas that are essential to our understanding of the world, and indeed the universe, around us and these are included in the core A Level Physics course. Physics provides a means of  fulfilling  the human desire to find out how things work;   a research base for Science and Technology which  is  second  to  none  and  a  basis  for  much modern technology and engineering.

Through its application in Science Technology, Physics has had an enormous social and economic impact on the way in which we live. This in itself is a powerful reason for studying Physics. We hope that it will lead to a greater appreciation and understanding of the world, both today and tomorrow.

Due to its universality, Physics combines  well  with almost any other subject. Chemistry and Mathematics are obviously related but Physics has had an impact on everything. In terms of careers, the choice is wide. The practical skills make it a must for any form of engineering. The analytical skills involved provide excellent preparation for careers in IT, Communications Technology, Medicine, Law or Finance.

Currently, each Physics A Level group is taught by two teachers.

Practical work is an important part of studying A Level Physics and this reflects the‘hands on’approach taken in the teaching of the subject.