An advanced level qualification in this subject is rapidly becoming essential for specialist study of Physical Education and Sports Studies in higher education and it is  also  a  suitable  qualification  for other academic and vocational areas.

The course will appeal to hardworking students who have a strong interest in sport, but it is not necessary to have done GCSE Physical Education. However, at least a grade 4 in Science would be beneficial and the ability to express yourself well is also important.

The course is divided into four units:

1. Physiological factors affecting performance

2. Psychological factors affecting performance

3. Sociocultural factors affecting performance

4. Performance in Physical Education – Students’ practical performance will be assessed in ONE sport.

Lessons will be a combination of lectures, discussions, experiments and practical work.

To be successful in this course, students are expected to do at least three hours of homework a week plus extra reading.

Other A Levels that appear to be popular choices when grouped with P.E. are Biology, Psychology, Geography and Business Studies.

The course provides an excellent foundation for students intending to pursue careers in  teaching and coaching, the leisure industry, recreational management, the health and fitness industry and professional sport.