The AQA Music A  Level  course  gives  students  the opportunity to develop their own musical interests and strengths alongside rigorous  study of interpretative, historical and analytical aspects of musical genres from the Baroque period to the present day. To enter the course, it is essential that students can demonstrate previous experience as a performer, composer and as an attentive listener. Grade 5 for GCSE Music is required, however in exceptional cases, students with excellent results in Associated Board grade exams may be considered. 

The course is taught with an emphasis on practical music making and students will  be  encouraged  to  take  an  active  role in  the   busy  musical  life of the School. The qualification is divided into Performing, Composing and Appraising, with the coursework accounting for 60% of the marks, with the appraising exam the remaining 40%.

The course will appeal to anyone wishing  to pursue musical studies at a music conservatoire or university, gain access to a range of music related employment or simply extend their musical understanding and experience of music for its intrinsic value and interest.

Music A Level complements either Arts or Science subjects; for instance, Music, Maths and Physics or Music, Theatre Studies and English make excellent combinations. Whatever your aspirations for university, Music is a highly respected A Level qualification.