Medical Science

Medical Science is the science of dealing with the maintenance of health, as well as the treatment and prevention of diseases. This course will be suited to students who are looking to pursue a career in health care or medical research. Medical scientists are at the forefront of healthcare services, as they are vital in the diagnosis of disease, determining the effectiveness of treatments and searching for new cures.

The main purpose of this qualification is to provide learners with scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as practical skills that would support progression to a range of jobs within healthcare. We will cover  the main  areas of health, physiology and disease, as well as providing opportunities to study pharmacology, physiological testing, clinical testing and medical research.

The course will be delivered through 10 hours of contact time, over a 2 week cycle, with two teachers teaching concurrently. This course would be ideally studied alongside A Levels in subjects such as Psychology, Physical Education, Maths, Chemistry or Health and Social Care.

The course consists of 6 units:
  • Human Health and Disease
  • Physiological measurement techniques
  • Medical Science research methods
  • Medicines and treatment of disease
  • Clinical Laboratory techniques
  • Medical case studies

There is a mixture of internal and external assessment used in this qualification and the marks are split evenly between them. The external assessment  comprises two written examination papers and a task based on the clinical laboratory techniques unit which is set and marked by the Exam Board. ‘In  school’  assessments  are produced for the physiological measurement techniques unit and the medical science research methods unit.