Media Studies

The Eduqas A Level Media course focuses on the ways in which audio-visual, print and online texts communicate with their audiences. These texts include television, advertising, social media, websites, magazines, games and film. Students will study the key concepts in the media including representations, audiences, genres, narratives and ideologies. Students will study a wide variety of contemporary texts and will have the opportunity to create their own media texts.

Component 1 Introduces the knowledge, understanding and skills required to analyse media products through the key concepts of media language and representations. Social, cultural, industrial and theoretical perspectives are considered in depth. A range of texts is studied, from advertising, film marketing, music video and video games. The component also includes a contextual study of media representations. This component is assessed through a 135 minute exam.

Component 2 develops the application of media language through an exploration of media industries, audiences and representations. Topics include ‘Television in the Global Age’, ‘Media and the Online Age’ and ‘Mainstream and Alternative Medias’. Eduqas set various online, print and AV texts for holistic study. This component is assessed through a 150 minute exam.

Component 3
gives students the opportunity to create their own media production in two different media forms. There is a choice of briefs set by the exam board which apply a theoretical framework and digital convergence. Students will be able to create work in the following media: film marketing, television, music marketing or magazines. This component, worth 30% of the A Level, is assessed through coursework.

You do not have to have previously studied the subject to take this A Level.

Our examining board for Media Studies is Eduqas. Their website offers more information: