Film Studies

Film Studies is an exciting, creative A Level. Those who choose  to  study  film  characteristically  bring with them a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement  for  what  is  a  powerful  and culturally  significant  medium.  We  follow   the   WJEC   Eduqas   specification,   which   is   designed to introduce you to a wide variety of films in order  to  broaden  your  knowledge  and  understanding of film and the range of responses films can generate.

During the course, you will study mainstream American films from the past and the present as well as a range of recent and contemporary British films, American independent films and global films, both non-English language and English language. The historical range of film represented in those films is extended by the study of silent film and significant film movements. As a film student, you will gain a sense of the development of film from its early years to its still emerging digital future. Studies in documentary, experimental and short films add to the breadth of the learning experience.

The NEA is worth 30% of the A Level. This builds on the knowledge and understanding of filmmaking developed during our study of the diverse range of films. The NEA offers the opportunity for genuine creativity through practical filmmaking and screenwriting. You will be encouraged to experience the process of filmmaking and supported in your development as a filmmaker.

You do not have to have previously studied the subject to take this A Level. WJEC Eduqas’ website offers more detailed information below.

Film Studies Specification