Examining Body: AQA

Entry Criteria: Grade 6 in GCSE English Language

The English Department offers A Levels in English Language and Literature (combined) and English Literature.

An A Level in English opens doors everywhere. Students who can think deeply, analyse ideas, see both sides of an argument, express themselves cogently and persuasively, as well as having a world picture that only comes from reading widely, are welcome in any profession.

We want to help you to develop your skills and be challenged by your studies. We also understand  that  your  results  are  very  important;  this   is   what   enables   you   to   move  on to  the  next  step  of  your  education.  The  figures  speak  for  themselves:  at  A  Level there has been a 100% pass rate for many years.

English Language and Literature:

Our Language and Literature course is a popular A Level choice at Diss High School.

Throughout the course, students will combine their skills of literary and linguistic analysis to explore the ways in which language is used to create representations – how words create worlds- both in literary and non-literary texts.

This is not a creative writing course, although there are opportunities to undertake textual recasting and re-creative tasks, alongside close analysis of both literary and non-literary texts.

Our Examining Board for English Language and Literature is AQA. Their website offers more information: www.aqa.org.uk 

English Literature:

Our Literature course is an excellent choice for those students who read widely and want to further develop their passion for the subject.

The A Level explores the representation of love through the ages in poetry, prose and drama texts, as well as looking closely at how contextual influences impact upon a writer’s choices. The course is intellectually challenging yet highly engaging and accessible.

Our chosen texts allow us to analyse the creative force of fiction across time and through a range of genres.

Our examining board for English Literature is AQA, specification A. Their website offers more information:www.aqa.org.uk. 

Both courses are demanding in terms of time and intellect. Any student wishing to study an English course must be willing to read texts independently and be prepared to participate in discussion. The ability to write accurately and analytically is essential.

Over the years, English courses have been chosen by students who have combined their studies with A Levels in the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. In recent years, our students have planned careers in journalism, law, the media and teaching.