Examining Body: OCR (Biology A)

Entry Criteria: Grade 6-6 in GCSE Combined Science or 6 in GCSE Biology


Biology is an exciting, challenging subject and is a Science A Level which gives a foundation for understanding many of the most important scientific developments of the recent past. It also provides an insight into scientific research in progress today. Biotechnology is now an important established industry offering opportunities for graduate employment; Molecular Biology, Genetics and Stem Cell Biology are growth areas in research. A Level Biology provides Science training and helps students to understand issues in today’s world which are important for the future of the technical and ethical development of society.

This A Level combines well with Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Information Technology; it can be taken with other subjects like Modern Languages, Psychology, PE or Geography, if a broad-based A Level range is required.

The specification being followed is OCR Biology A (H020, H420). The A Level course includes a wide range of practical activities over the two years. This will allow students to achieve the practical endorsement.

Students are encouraged to attend external lectures, visit industrial and research laboratories, arrange work experience, visit museums and exhibitions and listen to guest speakers in school.

Career opportunities following from this A Level include biological sciences, veterinary science, medicine, nursing, caring professions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, paramedical areas, laboratory and hospital work, environmental and ecological sciences, sports science and leisure industries, teaching and laboratory work or technical services. It also provides an excellent foundation for a very wide range of higher education courses.

Students will require grade 6 - 6 in Combined Science or grade 6 in Biology, as well as good grades in English and Maths. If you choose Biology, you will be expected to work hard and participate in all activities; likewise you can expect to receive help, support and encouragement to achieve your full potential.