Exam Results 2021

Please use this handy quick reference sheet to guide you through the exams process this year:

Exam Results Reference Sheet 2021


Moving to the next stage: 


If your results mean you cannot move onto the next stage in your education, in the first instance, we recommend you contact your preferred college / university - they may still be able to offer you a place. 

Alternatively, email your head of year for advice: 





Autumn examinations: 


All A-level and GCSE subjects plan to run exams in the autumn.  These will run entirely normally and cover the full syllabus with no mitigations for covid.  If you think you would like to sit any of these exams, time is short.  Please email admin@disshigh.co.uk before 1st September so that we can be sure of getting information to you.  Please note, your teachers will not be able to provide any tutoring to help you prepare for these exams. 


Unhappy with the awarded grade: 


You can request a review of the awarded grade.  If you do so, there are three possible outcomes: your grade could be confirmed as correct; your grad

e could be raised; or your grade could be lowered.  Whatever the outcome, that is what will be awarded.   

It is worth noting that if you ask the exam board for an independent review of your grade, the reviewer will only revise a grade where the awarded grade is clearly wrong - marginal differences at a grade boundary arising from reasonable differences in professional opinions will not result in grade increases.  This is fundamentally different from when exam scripts are asked to be reviewed where one or two marks could make all the difference.  

Before making the decision to request a review, we suggest that you look at our policy that explains how we awarded the grades. 

Diss High School - Exam Centre Policy

You will see that great care has been taken to ensure that your grades have been fairly awarded given the evidence provided by your work.  Grades awarded by teachers have been checked within departments and by senior members of school staff before being signed off by the Head.  The examination boards have then undertaken their own quality assurance process that has included asking the school to provide the work used to award a grade for a sample of pupils chosen by them. 

You might also like to look at the nationally issued guidance for candidates: 

JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents

JCQ Grading Summary

If after considering these matters, you would like to request a review of your awarded grade, we will need you to make a formal application via this form: 

JCQ Appeals Request From

Please read the first page carefully: it tells you about the process and clearly states the deadlines for applications.  Next, complete page two to request a centre review.  This must be signed by the candidate, not a parent/carer. 

Make sure you return this form to us by 12:00 at the latest on either 16th August for a priority appeal or 3rd September for a non-priority appeal. 

Please email your forms to admin@disshigh.co.uk with “Results Appeal” as the subject line. 

Or, for non-priority appeals, the form can be handed into the main school office by 12:00 on 3rd September.  To be sure the form is not overlooked, place it in an envelope and clearly mark it “For the attention of the Business Manager - Results Appeal”. 

We regret we will not be able to consider any requests received after these deadlines.