Classical Civilisation gives you the opportunity to examine the Greek and Roman worlds in depth. The course combines elements of Drama, Literature and History and tries to understand the roots of Western civilization while at the same time approaching these cultures and societies on their own terms.


Classical Civilisation offers a clear focus on developing the skills of:

• Investigation and analysis of Greek and Roman Civilisation through the study of their literature in translation and the physical evidence.

• Developing an awareness of how similar and also how alien these classical civilisations are from the present.

• Evaluating different kinds of evidence including the classical texts themselves and appreciating them in their own contexts.

Type and Nature of the Work Involved:

The emphasis is on providing you with activities and experiences so you can process and make sense of the research you have done and the classical texts you are studying.

The knowledge and understanding required for the exam will take the form of notes, independent reading and essays.

You do not have to have previously studied the subject to take this A Level.

Method of Assessment:

The World of the Hero: Homer’s Odyssey & Virgil’s Aeneid – exam (2 hours 20 minutes) 40%

Culture and the Arts: Greek Theatre – exam (1 hour 45 minutes) 30%

Beliefs and Ideas: Politics of the late republic – exam (1 hour 45 minutes) 30%