The science department is housed in seven purpose-built laboratories with an additional Science Mobile. Seven of these labs have been recently refurbished and the majority of staff have their own teaching base. In addition to the Head of Department (Mr Somers) there is a Head of Chemistry (Mr Lemon) and a Head of Physics (Mrs Deepu). The department is well-served by technician support and has three separate prep rooms.


The department aims to:

  • Allow students to understand key concepts to help solve problems in unfamiliar situations.
  • Encourage students to use scientific methods of investigation to solve problems in a disciplined way.
  • Enable students to appreciate the contribution that science makes to society and realise that application of science can lead to moral and ethical issues that have to be addressed.
  • Allow students to understand that learning in science contributes to personal development because the interest and curiosity aroused need to be balanced by an awareness of health and safety matters and respect for living things in the environment.
  • Enable students to appreciate the powerful, but provisional nature of scientific knowledge, explanation and understanding. They should also appreciate that science is always developing.
  • Give students access to careers in science and technology at a variety of levels.


The department offers a range of courses across the key stages:


Years 7 & 8

Years 9 to 11 

Sixth Form 



Diss High School

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