Key Stage 3

(Years 7 and 8)

Course outline

In Year 7, pupils continue to build and improve on what they will have studied and mastered at primary school. They cover the following topics: mental and pencil/paper arithmetic; fractions; decimals and percentages; introduction to algebraic processes; sequence rules; area and volume; angles; transformations and statistics. Year 8 pupils are then introduced to more advanced areas such as index notation, angles in polygons, probability, straight line graphs and circles as new topics at the high school whilst continuing to develop their use of statistics, algebra and numerical techniques.

Teaching group organisation

Pupils are organised in groups according to their ability and aptitude for maths. These groups may change following tests and assessments across key stage 3. They will have 3 hours teaching in Year 7 and 4 hours in Year 8. There is a strong emphasis on problem solving and collaborative working in KS3 to ensure that all pupils are appropriately stretched and well prepared for the demands of KS4 mathematics and the demands of the new GCSE.


 We assess pupils' knowledge, skills and understanding frequently through a combination of lesson based tasks and formal assessments. All pupils are tested at the start of Year 7 and regularly throughout the year and across Year 8, to track how much progress they are making. Sometimes assessments can reveal where a pupil needs extra support or to be stretched further and additional provision is put in place, such as through a short period of intervention or inclusion in a gifted and talented programme.


Homework is set regularly and will vary in type according to the topic being studied. Additional home-learning and online tasks are also available through the school's use of MyMaths and PiXL Maths, which students get log-in ID for.


The Mathematics department offers various revision guides and workbooks to assist with the KS3 course, alongside recommended web-based revision activities. It is strongly recommended that all pupils have access to at least one of these.


Maths KS3

Diss High School

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